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    When to replace slipper pads

    I was doing a bit of maintenance on the ERBE and noticed my slipper pads have some deep lines carved in them, the slipper was clearly too loose and they've worn down quite a bit.
    When would you guys replace yours, and how do you know it's time to replace them? I'm guessing they're cheap enough to replace at will, and I'll probably order some shortly.

    Would worn pads affect performance/heat? I'd assume it would result in it slipping more often, and the motor would heat up as it has less resistance - correct?

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    yes it will affect performance.. & it can slip enough & get hot enough to melt the spur...

    how thick are the pads?
    If you do replace get the HD alum pads...
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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    When the wear too much, the center touches and you'll lose the ability to hold power. I run them till the fail.

    I tried to machine the center but ended up replacing it all.

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