I have had my slasher 4x4 for 2 months now and I just finished my first diff rebuild. A couple of things I have to point out.

First, I love how easy it is to work on these things! I was able to pull out my rear diff without taking the whole rear end off. Just remove the bumper and a couple of more screws and the whole things comes out! It's never a major project to work on any part of this truck.

Second, the truck is virtually indestructible! Aside from the obvious parts that stick out like a-arms, hubs and shock towers/body mounts, the truck is a tank. I have have an awesome time with this thing! Thanks Traxxas!

So, based of recommendations here I am trying 10k diff grease in the rear to tighten it up a bit. I was amazed at how easy it was to do. Replaced the bearings with boca's while I was at it. Tomorrow I will do the front diff. Any recommendations on the diff weight up there? I do not run the center diff (if that matters) since I burn 3s packs.

After that, I will replace my receiver since I picked up at Spektrum DX3S the other day. Excited about the new features of the radio and telemetry options.