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    Glow plugs smashed coil on 3.3 motor, broken coil?????

    Does anybody know why i keep breaking coils on the glow plug? i have the LSN at 2 and the HSN at 4 1/4. it will run for about 2 minutes then die. maybe 2 high speed runs down the street. it is not even getting hot enough. the glow plugs look brand new . i am useing only traxxas plugs.
    they look like they are smashed in. it is not a new motor, already broken in. i took off the head and cleaned it very well to make sure there was no little fragments inside. put it back to gether with a new glow plug , went to 2-3 runs down the street then it cut out and sure enough a broken coil in the plug again. i dont know what else to do. these plugs are not cheap.
    any help would be greatly appreciated. btw im running traxxas 20%

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    Your running too lean, it's popping your glow plugs.....

    The HSN and LSN work with each other, sounds like your LSN is off which will throw your HSN off as well.

    Need to go back to factory, tune the HSN as best you can (use only 1/2 a tank of fuel no more, when tuning).
    Then do the pinch test on the LSN. It's in this article
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    You probably have bad engine bearings if it's not from being lean, a bad air leak, or no fuel pressure.
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