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-when you have the lhs and Traxxas support listed as your emergency contacts on your phone
LOL ^^^^^^ AWESOME!!!

How bout:

- The hole in the ozone layer is directly related to how many r/c bodies you've painted.

- YouTube is actually paying you for your r/c videos.

- The cops pulled your r/c vehicle, just to tell you how cool it was. (had this happen with the Po-Po-Pede Hummer!)

- You will dry off with a dirty towel after a shower, but grab a clean one for the r/c.

- You have installed paint stripping/sanding wheels on the rear of your r/c to prep the deck before stain. (dont laugh, it works!)

- You filled out an organ donor card for your r/c before you parted it out.

- You have been caught talking to your r/c....and just kept talking.

- Your wife cant figure out why everything she boils in the big pot turns colors.

- You have ten different email addresses to get free accounts at picture hosting sites once you reach the storage limit.

- TowerHobbies calls to make sure you're okay if you havent placed an order that week.

- You hang r/c parts on the X-mas tree.

- Your kid's friends knock on the door and ask if you can come out and play.

- You can rattle off symptoms of r/c addiction off the top of your head.