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Thread: pinion gears

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    pinion gears

    What is some good makers of pinion gears. Need a 5mm 32p 16 tooth pinions. We have tried Novac and they didnt last long. One lasted about 5 packs and mine lasted till I burnt up a bearing. I think we might try some traxxas brands but was just wondering if you guys have had better luck with others.

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    I have tried many different brands. They all work the same for me. Maybe you have them set too tight?
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    Only problem I ever had with a pinion was the stock 13T (split at the grub screw)

    I have just about all the pinions Traxxas has to offer, but I'm currently running one from Robinson racing without issue

    Also have one from Castle on order

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    I've never seen a "bad" gear of any type from Robinson Racing, whether it be a pinion gear or internal transmission gears, but that's not saying other brands are not as good either
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