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    Axle Carriers constantly breaking

    So I've has my mini revo for a few days now and I am going through axle carriers like they are going out of style. I busted 2 in the span of 8 minutes. It is breaking on the inside front bottom every time. Is this due to poor installation/adjustment or just because they don't stand up well to bashing?

    I ordered the GH-Racing aluminum ones, hopefully this will solve my problem with a more robust piece that isn't so susceptible to breakage.

    Would increasing my tire size from a stock 2.2 to a larger size help?

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    A friend of mine ordered the GH axle carries for his mini and it was kind of strange because out of the 4 he ordered (2 packs) 2 of the axle carries looked to be a slightly different design and he could only get the bearing to fit in 2 of them, the other ones would not fit the bearings no matter how hard he tried. We were both baffled by it and swore never to try GH again but tower gave him a refund and told him to keep the axle carries so no harm was done and he now has 2 spare axle carries. I think your best bet if you have the same problem we did is to try out either RPM carriers or STRC if you want aluminium. I would be interested to know if your GH carriers fit as my friend and I were both scratching our heads over it. BTW you're in the 1/10 section you might find more help in the 1/16 forum.

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