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    Spur gear keeps striping

    So my buddy doesn't get on the forums to find out anything he just wants to bash his new revo. Hard! He's been fixing and replacing but he's had to change his spur gear out around ten times in two months.
    I just looked at it and to me the motor looked angled like the motor mount was bent. ?? Does this sound like the problem? Should he get an upgraded motor mount? If so witch one should he get?
    Or if you think it's something else et us know
    Thanks for any help

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    I recently had a similar problem. After a few big jumps and a couple of upsidedown / nosedive landings I then stripped a couple of gears. I found that the transmission input shaft and the motor plate were bent. Bending the Input shaft is quite common for big jumps. Also the spur gear bearing was rough and had a bit of play in it. So I replaced all of the above parts with stock replacements, then fitted an HPP motor brace (they've just released a newer one which is better) an RC Solutions cage and Mod 1 spur and pinion. Haven't been out jumping since fitting these parts, but the cause of the bent parts is down to the sheer weight of the motor which is unsupported at one end, and the flex in the plastic chassis. Hopefully the cage will help stiffen up the chassis a bit.
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    also get him to check mesh
    i watched a vid on you tube where they used a thin paper as gap
    but someoen on here said do it by feel so i have and dont have issues now
    i adjust it till theres no play then move it just a minute amount so there very very little play
    probably a very thin slice of paper and its good
    so check by moving transmision drive with spur in and out to check the is slight play and not rubbing

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    All good info^.. & check the mesh in several spots around the spur & pinion..

    This mod really helps with motor flex. If he is landing hard from big air, this will help take that out. Once you have the mod done, you can see the big difference....

    If you can not do the milling get a longer bolt & turn it around..

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