I had a little run in (over) with the rear tire of a taxi the other day however it the only damage done was bending of the fins on the engine, and braking of the ez start motor. While I was looking the vehicle over another guy come over and said that he his brother would sell me his complete engine and ez start set up for 500 SAR (about $150) so seeing as I am in Saudi Arabia, I bought it the next day. So I did a crash course in disassembling,repairing and assembly my Slayer pro. After straightening out the cooling fins on the engine and replacing the ez start motor I now have one issue. The Slayer starts only when I apply a little throttle on the transmitter and will stay running unitl I either stop the tires from spinning or when I hit the brakes on the transmitter. It runs straight and shifts gears fine, so did I damage something else that would cause this issue . Thanks much for your ideas.