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Thread: Time Killer!

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    Lightbulb Time Killer!

    So let's put ourselves in a scenario. A new hobby store has opened up, and want to get there name out, with a racer, so they sponsor you with a 500 dollar grant to upgrade your 4x4 however you please. What would you get with that $500????

    I spent a little while thinking, and i'd probably get these things:
    STRC lightweight center driveshaft (red)-----$12
    Robinson racing 19t pinion gear 5mm bore-----$12
    STRC lightweight CF motor mounting plate---$14
    SRTC rear hub carriers .5 degree toe (red)---$27
    GH racing steering block set (red)-----------$24
    STRC front C-hubs (red)--------------------$29
    STRC aluminum center driveshaft front hub (grey)---$10
    Pro-Line powerstroke front shocks----------$52
    Pro-Line powerstroke rear shocks-----------$52
    Traxxas center diff kit----------------------$40
    Lunsford titanium hingepin kit---------------$20
    Kingheadz slipper bearing adapter-----------$10
    Kingheads motormount w/ bearings---------$36
    Tekin T8 2650kv sensored brushless motor--$160

    thats like $490, and with a coupon code for amainhobbies, its $465. so not too bad, spend the rest on cables or body??? I dont really know, its fictional anyways haha. anyways, i cant sleep, and this helps a little hahahahahahahhaha

    and i probly would have skimped on some things to get a slice4x chassis
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    I have the 4x on my wife's and I'm not a fan of it at all. I am very happy with the team rc chassis (comes with an oversized bearing on the motor mount) and that's the first thing I would put on a list. Sway bars, center diff, Powerstrokes and Tekno driveshafts would be next followed by really good tires for the surface you are running on. If the 4x4 protrac kit was out it would be on the list too.

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    mamba monster and big bores, that's all I need, lol
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    since this is all hypothetical,

    are we going off our truck we have now or a brand new slash 4x4 the hobby shop gives you as part of the sponsorship

    cause that is two totally different answers

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