I've exhaustively searched, but haven't found any definitive answers on this.

I'm considering purchasing 6 of the ********** 7600 mah 2s batteries to use in my stock summit. I'd number the packs and use all of them roughly an equal number of times while still using a brushed setup.

Anyway, sometime in the future, I'll probably upgrade to a BL system that's capable of 6s, and I wanted to know, as long as all the batteries were bought at the same time, they've been run a similar amount, and they're all identical, can I wire them in series (with a custom series connector I'll make using at least 10 AWG) without any ill-effects? Would the performance be any worse than simply running 2x 3s batteries? Is one battery going to get far hotter than the other two because it's having to pass more current through? The ********** batteries are rated 40-80c, so I'm hoping internal resistance won't be too big of a deal.

I like the idea of 7600 mah of 6s power, and the ability to mount one of the batteries more forward in the chassis. The other two batteries will just fit inside the battery boxes (from what I've seen and read).

Again, the main reasons for doing this are:

Cost savings
Ability to adjust weight distribution without adding dead weight
run time (and I really do want that much run-time (4-6 hours depending on driving)).