Hey there! I am having an issue with my traxxas Link receiver and the 2.4gz transmitter. I was driving my rally in my basement when all of the sudden the car braked and I lost control. I took of the body to find the link receiver blinking between green and red lights very fast.

I looked in the manual and thought that It may be a problem with the bind. And so I tried to re-bind the system but when I do the steps:

Hold set, then turn on transmitter. (red light blinks slow)
Hold link, then turn on esc.

I get a green light on my transmitter, with a slow blinking red light on my receiver. I have let this go on for about 10 minutes and the problem still stands. I also have a green light on the ESC

Anyone know what I can do? I've read everything in the book and I can't call traxxas support because I live in Canada.

Much appreciated!