I picked up a used revo and it has the Am TX/RX. I test drove it when I bought it and everything was fine. I get home and now nothin but problems. I bypassed the optidrive to eliminate one more problem. When I turn on the RX, all the servos start making noise, and they don't have full throw. The throttle servo just kinda wiggles when I pull the trigger, and the steering servos basically do the same thing. They will not turn the tires what so ever, you just see the slightest movement in the linkage. The shifting servo for reverse doesnt move or make any noise whatsoever. Both the receiver and TX batteries are fully charged, that is the first thing I checked. I swapped the AM setup with the 2.4G setup I have on my slayer, and it still does the same thing. I called TRAXXAS support and they said it sounds like a RX problem, but I don't buy it because it did the same thing when I sawpped to the 2.4G. I checked all connections and all the wires for cracks but they all seem intact, nothing sticks out to me. Is it possible/likely that all 4 servos went out at the exact same time? Any advise what to check next? I tried all servos 1 at a time into the receiver, and still got the same result.