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    possible next car

    i have been deciding between the mini revo and mini summit i really dot care about how fast i have a rustler for that i have heard problems about the driveshafts any recomendations i was looking at the golden horizons ones on thetoyz but what about the center ones forgive me forgot what they are called do they have any problems

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    The only upgrade worth buying is the Traxxas CVD kit for the MERV.
    All others have a high failure rate.

    FYI: Most people that buy a Summit end up with a MERV after they fix the issues with the drive line on the Summit.
    If you like the Summit look, still get a MERV and then eBay/shop around for Summit tires, body, body posts, and some lower tooth count pinions... You'll be all set! (and be able to convert back and forth lol)
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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