so a few months ago i drove my slayer pro into the columbia river at top speed.. it was an accident.. i completely disassembled it cleaned it and dried it out put it back together and it ran for about 10 minutes then it threw a rod.. it looked like it only hurt the piston (it took a couple millimeters off the bottom of the exhaust side) so i filed it smooth got a new rod and it would run but at extremely high rpms and really leaned out.. to the point that it wouldn't stand still.. so i bought a new piston and sleeve put that in and it wont even start.. ive spent like 20 hours trying to tune it to start.. ive heated it up with a hair dryer ive done everything i could find to get it to start.. but it wont.. it spits a little fuel and smokes a tiny bit but wont start.. the only glow plugs my LHS had were dynamite plugs and it seems like they arnt so hot.. the problem with that though is my LHS is 2 hours away.. id love to try some traxxas plugs but it cost more money in gas than the plugs.. I WANT TO DRIVE MY SLAYER DARN IT!! any ideas? its probably toast huh? if anyone has a spare i might be willing to trade my elite 360 for it as long as you can prove it runs great.