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    how to store batteries properly

    i have 4 8.4v batts and i am gonna take a break on rc stuff. should i run the batts down and then put them up or should i give them a full charge and let them sit. keep i mind the batts are only going to sit for 2 weeks or maybe a month. im just tired of breaking stuff and im tired of spending money all of the time. So if anyone has any info please let me know.

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    store them fully charged and check them atleast every week-2weeks as they self discharge and you dont want them to discharge too far, when checking repeak them again and go for another week or 2 should be fine. i know how it is spending money for parts or something that keeps needing parts, its like a endless cycle but part of the hobby.
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    Just leave them uncharged... I left mine for a year before using them in a parade... Worked fine the whole way!

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    Do as mike-susieq1 directed. He's got it correct.
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