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    blue diff o-ring alternative apart from lem?

    Hi there

    My blue o-ring front and rear are defective and the diffs are leaking again. I do not want to buy a whole rebuild set again, as I jus need the blue o-ring. I found LEM alternative in the forum but those are not available in europe.

    Any other vendors that produce those traxxas compatible o-rings?

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    I know people basically only use "marine and trailer wheel bearing grease" for water proofing but...
    If you can, get sealed bearings and take the rubber off. fill it up (Not completely) with marine grease.
    Also put some on the outside (not too much).
    I say to use this grease because it wont break down as fast as regular grease, and it will protect your bearings.

    be sure to put the sealed bearings in the correct way!

    never had problems with bearings. Although i don't have a stampede (yet) it is the same thing with each truck.

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    I'd like to see an answer here as well. I don't like the idea of having to get the whole kit just for a couple of rings. I wonder if something from a hardware or plumbing supply store might work.

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