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    Your Hobbies beside RC?

    I am bored, so just want to start an off topic thread.

    I am new to the RC world (only 2 months .

    Compared to my photography hobby, this RC hobby is less and more expensive at the same time
    I got a mini e-revo + mini summit + bunch of upgrade and third parties parts (CVD, 2 new servos, 4 tires, and more) for below 1k, which is less than an L lens.

    However, with L lenses, i can always resale and got most, if not all of my $ back when i need it or want to try different lenses, unlike the RC word, which is very much water under bridge

    Don't get me wrong, i really enjoy the little rc cars i have now, just want to know what other bobbies other rc owners have.
    The only suck part is that i can't hold the transmitter and the shutter at the same time
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