Hi Guys
I recently was forced to purchase a new motor. my 3500 vilenion delaminated and is on the way to Texas and i could not wait for the return of a new one because i was going out of town. Anyway I ended up with the only thing in town a Novak HV 4.5t. I am running it with the vxl3s. I have been told that I should run the RX8 and I have read on the forum that quite a few people run the MMP. In my research i found that continuous amp from the RX8 was 210 and the vxl3s is 200 and i could not find what the MMP is. The Motor runs ok with the vxl however i was expecting more punch and im dissapointed in run time. however i am farely happy with temps. I was contimplaiting changing my esc for two reasons, one more punch, two to have a vxl set up for a new project. My question is, is it worth it to shell out the dow for such a small power difference? If so wich one?Am i gonna see more punch? How much? I use my truck to bash on 3s from time to time and run on a indoor clay track on a 2s. Thanks for the imput!!