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    questions for lipo. Please help

    I just post in the emax forum and didn't know this section for batteries is here.

    Hi I am new to this hobby and know nothing about RC cars. So much info and so little time. I am trying to fix an emaxx for my kid which was given to us by our next door neighbor. the thing is stock as far as I can tell. I took it to my local hobby shop and purchased a couple of batteries for it. One of the battery overheated and started leaking. the guy told me to go with another type call lipo but will need a new charger. he thinks it is a bad battery pack he sold me. I had the feeling he really didn't know what he was talking about. So, I started reading when I can sneaking in some time at work on the net. Talk about info overload?

    I went to another shop looking to purchased batteries. This guy, seems to be hard core into racing all sort of RC cars, tells me to not do the lipo because it will burn my speed controller.

    the truck has a EVX-2 speed controller with two titan motor running on dual 7 cell batteries. I am not sure it is suppose to have the 2 speed transmission. Because it does not. He was trying to sell me a retrofit kid for 50 bucks.

    Can I or should I buy those lipos? I like it because of the additional run time. 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes sound great to me, so claims the first guy in the hobby shop. If so, what type?



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    The EVX-2 isn't really for Lipo. I don't think it even has LVC like the XL-5's and such. Lemme look...yea here:

    "Note: the EVX-2 speed control does not feature Low Voltage Detection and is not compatible with LiPo batteries. "

    So regarding the batteries, just get two stick/flat 7 cell NIMH and get back out there. Traxxas (as it's the stock brand), Duratrax also makes good ones at a good price, just don't buy Venom NIMH. I'm switching between Traxxas and Duratrax nimhs right now, both are fine. And with 14.4 to 16.8v whatever you decide that trucks gonna go like stink.

    Regarding the Transmission, per the link above there the 3903 emaxx has a single speed, two speed is an optional upgrade. Not sure if the Tx supports that or if you'd have to upgrade that too. So technically it's true but do you need it? That ones up to you.
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