I'm new to the hobby and was curious how people went about racing with NiMHs. From what I know you're supposed to run your NiMH until dead before you charge it, so how do people use them at track events? Say you're practicing for a few hours then you have 2 qualifiers followed by the main race.
Do you try to get multiple races out of one charge?
Do you take multiple NiMHs with you for each race?
Do you use your charger to discharge and charge the NiHM after each heat?

I bought a Lipo to keep things simple for now however i'm interested in using NiMhs for track days. I Lipo broke before my first Novice A-Main so I had to use my stock traxxas NiHM; I ended up placing first .

Just a newbie looking for some info, thanks for any help. Oh I have a Slash 4x4.