So I picked up a 1/16 summit vxl yesterday and had a couple questions.

First off Im new to the hobby so I not to familiar on the typical issues encountered with RC vehicles. My other car is a new slash 4x4 so I havent need to do much besides clean it. But I do want to say Im not afraid to take these guys apart so I did take a few things out of the summit such as the trans to check it out. So here are my questions (I did search for wobble but I think my symptoms are different.

1) When lightly pressing the throttle I get some motor cogging but I also get a high pitched noise for a bit till I get to a little speed.

2) At high speeds the car wobbles and basically changes direction completely. Most of what I have seen has focused on the wheels themselves but I think my issue is that the suspension is very loose. Im think its the toe links or the push rods that seem to have a lot of play where it connects to the axle carriers. Also bearings in the the axle carries appear to be a bit loose as well. Could that be my issue.

3) My other issue appears to ooccur in reverse. I seem to hear a grinding at times but only occurs in reverse or Heavy braking. I had the gears out of the trans and they appeared good. Also the ring gear and pinion looked good too.

I might also take it to my LHS where I purchased the slash in hopes that he can help me out.

Thanks in advance