I know a lot of other chargers have separate ratings for AC/DC (Hyperion EOS720I AC/DC for example is 90w AC / 150w DC) along with lower wattage setups having a 80w DC and lower 50 or 60w AC. I just want to know if the rated wattage is for both AC and DC. I would have called but I figured others may be curious too. I did a quick forum search and didn't see this addressed directly. I would also like to know how many battery setups can I store in it, if that is an option. Neither of these are specified on the chargers info page.

It's not a deal breaker either, considering the warranty and other pro's of the charger for a compact/portable option. Mainly I'd just be super mad and ranting if I plugged this thing in and it was only good for 40w or so AC and I didn't know beforehand. Being new to these technologies, and unaware of wattage limits, I kind of got bent over a barrel with my Onyx 220 as it maxes at 40w. So it is incapable of charging my 8.4v nimh at anything more than about 3.7 for the duration. That in combination with the aforementioned differences in wattage have me a bit leery of chargers in general.