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    2wd Slash VXL upgrade

    I have the slash which I got with stock motor and esc, I just upgraded to the vxl 3s system (used), however it seems the esc has the throttle reversed (of course I know I can change it on my remote, but it seems that when I do I don't get 100% out of forward but 100% our of reverse) If I go back stock I have to flip the remote back the other way, so this must meen the esc is backwards or something, correct? Any help would be appreciated. Is there any way to reset the esc to stock settings?

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    flip the switch in the remote and tune the esc.
    also make sure the motor wires are correct.

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    Sounds like the motor wires are backward. That is a quick fix
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    with the esc off hold down the ez set button, the light will turn on, keep holding untill it blinks once, then put your remote to full throttle until the esc light blinks twice, then put your remote in full reverse until the esc light blinks again, then your system will be calibrated, hope this helps.
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    You can use the remote tree too if you have the 2.4ghz system, it is a long process but it works.
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