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    Yeah looking at the couple of pics I seen it doesnt look like it could be changed, unless the teckno throttle linkage could be mounted closer to the engine in a similar way to the standard traxxas set up. Its all good, I will wait till I get the parts & have a look at what could be changed, might be able to work something out.
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    Wow this is a really Interesting thread seeing how I was about ready to Purchase some O-Rings, the Boots and some other misc Items as I have a couple carbs that have issues. I think I may look at the Losi Carbs I believe were the most economical upgrade.
    Curiously is there any benefit to changing the carb on a 2.5 engine or is it only an issue on the 3.3? Either way I will have a 3.3 engine sooner or later and I might as well get the best carb I can for it when I change over since everythng else on my T-Maxx is 3.3 I should have the engine too.
    Great Info BTW thanks Guys I really enjoy reading all of this especially since I spent all of my life Being a Motorhead of some sorts be it automobiles or Dirt bikes and Superbikes. I have alot of fun working on these things.

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    The theories set forward are based off the 3.3. It is believed that the carb used on the 3.3 was originally used for the 2.5, and that is why it is not a large enough diameter. I would recommend keeping the traxxas carb on the 2.5.
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    @CarGuy7a Dude that profile picture had my son and I chuckling for a few minutes. Thanks for the entertainment. Thanks everyone for this post btw. I'm now resurrecting my T-MAXX 3.3 after years of passing by it and sighing regretfully or, more of the same when my kids would ask me to get it out and bash around the yard like I used to. Losi 3.4 will be here tomorrow and I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I was looking at converting it to 6s brushless when I stumbled on this little gem of a thread. Thanks again for reinvigorating my love for all things nitro.
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