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    Project 004: G3R Gorilla-Summit - ALL ALUMINUM SUMMIT

    This project really wasnt a project, but a get rich quick scheme. I purchased a rare gorillamax aluminum G3R chassis (hiding in a Traxxas slayer form) for just over $200. My intent was to make it into an e-revo, sell it and double my investment. But I could not find any buyers (a few penny pinchers and tire kickers but thats all). I already have a G2R so this one was not needed, so in my garage it sat

    and sat

    and sat.

    Then my summit was up for a revamp (new locking diffs and axles) the more I worked on it the more it evolved. So Project 001 : Pit Bull Summit is morphing into Project 004: G3R Gorilla-Summit.

    Original Project 001:Pit Bull Summit

    LETS SAY THIS FROM THE GET GO. OFF THE BAT - NO an all aluminum summit is NOT the preferred truck for bashing , aluminum bends easily, its crap-dip heavy, will need skids due to the holes in the bottom of the chassis (catches on the rocks), scratches, etc etc etc. But I love TRUE CREATIVITY (wait untill you see my home made radio).

    And simple "bolt-on" project trucks just scream "hey look at me I have money". (you know - new trenchers, new axial bead lock, more lights, aluminum rods, new aluminum this or aluminum that etc etc). But they do give good info and experience.

    So this is just some creativity/problem solving just cuz I could not stand this metal hunk taking up space in my garage. But no, it will not be a shelf queen. Also I wanted more channels for specific individual control for the diffs, tranny, future accessories and possibly some remote lights (gotta have a lil bling). I could have gone with a FlySky 3GTB radio (the 3 channel model has been hacked to allow up to 8 channels - actually really kool) but I wanted to stay with my Spekky DX3R. So I followed this thread (TQ42.4ghz 2channel to 4 channel mod) to add what I needed.

    these links/ mods maybe of interest to many of you:

    TQ Link 2.4GHz - 2 to 4 Channel Mod thread:

    8 channel FlySky 3GTB radio

    links might get delete so for the 2.4 tq upgrade radio just search into the traxxas community "radio" forum, and for the 8 channel flysky radio google "overkillrc com GT3B"

    First I purchase some cheap new revo aluminum arms - they were new but dirt cheap (entire set was like $26) . They were cheap cuz they were an ugly puke-blue color. But some Oven-Off and metal polish had them into a fine shimmering silver. Silver I believe is the best color for aluminum that is destined to get severely scratched up.

    Then I added the summit diffs to the G3R frame. Had to cut a small notch in the aluminum to make space for the diff actuator arm (I could hear the value of the chassis dropping with each pass of the dremel). But it worked out.

    Next problem was mounting the summit 2 speed tranny - the G3R was designed for an old style e-maxx tranny and fitment was a nightmare. Ended up makeing a plastic plate to bolt to the tranny then bolt the plate to the frame. The narrowness of the frame will limit my spur choices (the largest/ torque laden spur I could fit was a 58t/18t - but I plan on running a 1700kv Tekin truggy motor to more than make up for the lost torque). I had to mount the tranny/motor in reverse to make adequate spacing for the servo links and used an e-maxx motor mount for proper fitment.

    Creating the center axle to fit properly and servo placement are my next challenges.

    More to come.
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