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    A friend purchased a Slice 4x so far so good on his, although he only has 1 day on it.
    I am interested and planning in making up my own design with similar thought pattern to Slice 4x and other low SOG chassis.
    I am planning on doing a few things differently as well as out of different materials. Time will tell I guess if mine is worth a **** or not.............

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    Quote Originally Posted by grn_bstrd View Post
    Yeah, a little more info would be awesome. Looked like a solid design to me. I was sold.
    It took out the center drive shaft, bind ed up the center diff. Had to remove the center diff and had the slipper in there. When you get the feel of the truck with the center diff it hard to go back to a slipper clutch.
    4x4 Slash 5.5 Big Block

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