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    Slash Body Question

    Is it the stock body or me? Because when I run in wet places some parts of my slash body cover "loose color" Is that normal?

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    You might notice areas of the body that loose colour due to friction (for example, you might run into a curb, and the side nerf bar will rub against the inside of the body, thus removing some of the paint). Another possibility is when you are driving, some small rocks and other debris will kick up in into the inside of the but, and chip a piece of paint off.

    But generally speaking, water wont remove the paint. i wash the inside of my slash body with tap water, and i don't have an issue.

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    water wont remove it but your wheels or other parts under the body coming up and scraping the underside of the body will do what you are saying. The trick is to use duct tape to protect all those places before they get rubbed against. I use gorilla tape because its 2x thicker and black. I bet exhaust protective tape like that slick aluminum tape would be best because it would not put so much resistance on the wheel when making contact; so you would hold more speed and get the same protection

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