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Thread: GH Bulks

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    GH Bulks

    Got the Golden Horizon aluminum bulks fitted to my chassis with new RPM arms. Bolted them in and went to put the axel shafts in and I can't get the set screw in place to mount them to the diff. Anyone else run these and have the same issues? Unbolting them from chassis to install them is an option but that's a pain & in my opinion I shouldn't have to. The groove for the screw should be a couple thou deeper. Just frustrated with some of the aftermarket parts.
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    I know how you feel that you have to loosen some screws and remove some stuff in order to put just two set screws. To save time just remove one side of screws of the skid plate, bulk brace, shock tower, and the two screws that holds one bulkhead to the chassis. That way you can access your diffs in half the screws.

    You can remove the skid plates entirely which is probably give you better access. I did it that way before I thought of keeping the skid plate on to save more time.
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