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ok... after reading through this i feel like the guy driving his beat-up rusted out geo metro into Mecum Auto Auction.... lol


Im looking to get a charger for my lipos. (truck came with a Primal Radient charger, but not going to cut it...

batts: right now i have 2 2S 5000mah 30c lipos and WANT to get some SPC 8200 in the future.

so, my plan is to get something that will take care of both (incase i do get the 8200's; cuz if i dont, well then my 5000's will just be charged faster!!)

I like simplicity and dont want to break the bank.... upon searching on here i found the Thunder Power tp610c ac/dc charger being recommended. one or two of these would be great would it not? charge at 10amps!! bout $100 a pop. def get one now and another if i can score a deal on the flebays

so... will this suffice?!
This is just my opinion... but $100 for 10 amps is too steep. An iCharger 106 is a 10 amp charger for $90. An iCharger 206 is a 20 amp charger for $125. Yes, I realize that these require a PS to use inside the home, but I feel that making an investment in your charge system will always pay off in the long run. Besides, a decent PS can be built for less than $30.

I have a buddy right now that is regretting not getting a bigger charger over his $75 10 amp "battery cooker". He is now running larger packs *like he said he never would* and is frustrated on how long it takes to charge... especially when I charge 24,000mAh of packs in 30 minutes and start running them down before he has 10,000mAh even charged.