I was just out running my rally and it seems I fried the speed controller. Keep in mind it is only <45 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I have two six cell series1 batteries connected in parallel to the stock ESC and 550 motor with stock gearing. The only real change are the wheels and tires. I was running at high speed for a good while as I was navigating a makeshift road coarse, with plenty turns, during which the ESC just quit. The light was still on and green however. Not blinking either. Smoke was coming from the ESC's heat sink but no other components were very hot. Warm at most. After letting it cool I tried to turn it on. It lit up, stayed on for a few seconds and died. The batteries still have about 0-25% charge (old charger I know) so I don't think that is it but I will charge them back up and try again. Any chance that the continuous bursts of speed with two batteries in parallel may have been the cause? Also worth mentioning, the servo kicked the wheels to the left in two 50% increments and the brakes may have came on but it was hard to tell because I was going rather slow(at the time).