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    I don't see why this is bad. BigSquid posted that you can find a cheap iTouch on EBay for cheap. I think it is one of the smartes thing Traxxas ever made. The iTouch doesn't cost as much anymore because the iPhones are a bigger staple in the Apple income.
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    I had to go out and buy a $150 Windows computer so I could program my ESCs... I just don't understand why an old $50 iPod touch is such a big issue. I didn't complain about it... it was just a necessity so I did it. I hate windows and android as much as other hate apple.

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    I just bought a used iPhone 3G for $50 today, because I have to have transmitter. The phone will never be activated. Lol I will just use it as an iPod.
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    i cannot see what all the fuss is about. if you think it costs to much. just get another car without all the high tech extras. plenty of traxxas trucks will do that sort of speed if needed. the part about (injury or death) will get some people going lol.
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    my question is why can't it be any smart phone i think we would like that most people have smat phones

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    I just have to ask one thing how is it that i can buy an itouch 4 w case and screen protector for 200-300 bucks on my own while tons of people on these forums hate apple and dont hv iphones or touches. 4/5 of my high school prob has an itouch or iphone including the teachers w their ipads
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