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    My own Dewalt 14.4 Instal. LOTS OF PICS

    I did some searching around when I sat down to start this install... I was looking for some tips and pictures of things I should be doing. I couldn't find much, especially in the way of pics. I found enough info to get it done but I figured id take my own set of pics as I went and post up a step by step how to... might be helpful for those looking to do the same upgrade. I did NOT install caps on the motor... Im not sure if I should have... I can always go back and do it later if someone could suggest a proper cap to use. I had also previously installed 5mm castle bullets on my truck, thats why your seeing them installed. The process would obviously be the same if you were using stock wires. Here we go:

    +++As always, click the pics for a MUCH larger version in Photobucket+++

    Heres a shot of the motor. I bought the new 14.4 volt motor. The number stamped on it is 396505-21...

    The next step is to solder your power wires onto the brushes. To do this you must first remove the brushes from the motor. I had to go online to figure out how to do this and found a helpful video on youtube. Bascially, you just slide the entire brush structure and plastic hold out as one piece. Just put a flat screwdriver in the little gap at the motor shaft end of the brush and holder and pry it out. It slides out very easily. Be careful when as it releases from the motor as its under spring pressure and will pop out.

    Heres a shot of the whole brush unit... very slick and easy to use system. Spring and everything is all in one piece.

    Next you need to tin the brush end and install the wires. You'll see the section of the brush that would typically have a flat connector attached from the drill... I chose to attach my motor wires to that area. Remember to use flux and remember you don't need a GLOB of solder...

    When you done with both sides you simply slide the brushes back into the motor housing. They can really only go in one way from what I can tell. When your done... the motor should look like this:
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