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    broken chassis :woot:

    hey guys , got a little story here > i was driving my mustang these days like a buggy ,without the body and i saw that the rear end was too low so when i finished driving i cleaned it with water and then blow it with air to dry and i was like let me check my suspension oil and when i disassembled the first one i saw that nasty crack so i think i gotta go out buy a new chassis and that was my story so now i'm jjust taking it apart and watching how the thing is assembled and alo discovered that there was a lillte stone in the driveshaft so my diveshaft is a bit eaten up but i will post some pics later on and i'm planning to convert it to a slash

    but as i always say :drive today like there is no tomorrow hahah have a nice day

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    Bummer, there are many videos on the Youtubes about disassembly/reassembly/maintenance.If you want a slash look for a used one or chassis on Craigslist or eBay, it will be much easier than switching parts back and forth all the time. And you will only have to swap motor/ESC which is easy. Good luck with your endeavors
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