Just bought a Fiesta with the brushed motor and the XL-2.5 ESC. I would like to eventually upgrade to a brushless system but Iím confused about the choices. I've read a lot of forum posts but that gets me even more confused.

Iíve read that the Velineon brushless system is faster than the brushed system but Iíve also read that 370/380 motors are too small for this size car and only good for 1/18 scale. I can definitely see the advantage of going to the Velineon, just from a weight standpoint Iím considering upgrading. Iím sure the handling is much improved with less weight up so high.

Iím leaning towards a Novak Mongoose Micro Pro system, according to Novak it for use in 1/18 and 1/16 cars and it comes with a 380 motor, but Iím still confused about the motor size. Can anybody explain this to me? Much appreciated.