Apologies in advance if this post is not in the right place, I'm also going to cross post in the rally section as the models are similar.


I got a little crazy a few months ago and went on a spending spree and bought the brushless ken block along with two chargers and six batteries. I am now wanting to sell this stuff as I'm not using it and my RC hobby kind of fizzled out.

I have the brushless ken block gymkhana fiesta in good condition. Really it has hardly been used. I have a micro charge NIMH charger that was around $50 new I think and can charge at up to 4 Amps. I also have a venom pro charger that I paid I believe $130 for.

I have three NIMH batteries, two 1600 mah and the 1300 mah that came with it.
I have three LiPo batteries, two @ 2200 mah(2 cell) and one 1300 mah(3 cell).

I am wondering how to get rid of this stuff. Would it be best to sell it all as a bundle or to split things up and sell individually?

Where would be the best place to sell? Ebay? or here on the forums

Best regards,
Robert from Alabama