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    Throttle and Brake Works But No Steering

    My throttle and brake work but I have no steering. Sometimes the steering will work for a bit then it will stop and when it does stop there is no response from the steering servo. I am using 4 AA batteries to power everything each battery has about 1.45 volts. I checked all connections everything was good, no cut or frayed wires. Steering linkage was not damaged, servo saver appears to be ok. Don't know if it something with the transmitter or the servo.

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    hook up the steering servo to the throttle channel and the throttle servo to the steering channel. The throttle lever should move when you turn the wheel, and the wheels should turn when applying the throttle. It the steering still doesn't work, it the servo, if the steering is fine and the throttle doesn't work, it the transmitter/receiver.

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