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    Steering problems

    I was wondering if someone could tell how I can fix a clicking noise that my e revo is making whenever I try to steer left not only that but it seems not to respond and get stuck any one know what that could be and are there any solutions to that??

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    Striped servo gears > replace with not broken servo.

    I'd personally recommend a single powerful, metal-geared digital servo, makes life much easier generally as there are fewer durability issues and no issues with servos fighting eachother.

    Simply search for 'erevo servo' and you get lots of options:

    just bare in mind for a single servo, you want at least 250in/oz of torque or more, and a speed of less than 0.20sec/60 ideally.
    Common options/suggestions tend to be around ~270-333in/oz and $70-90, but there are cheaper ones out there, just have a good read of those links and you'll arrive at the best options, then you can ask for a final opinion if you need one.
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