Hey everyone. New to this site, not new to the hobby or Traxxas products.
Anyway. I just completed a Slayer conversion. It was real simple to do. Here are the pictures.
Started with my Nitro Slayer Pro

And stole the transmission and Mamba Monster out of my E-Maxx and put them on to a brand new E-Revo chassis.

I pulled the front and rears ends off the Nitro truck and put those on the chassis

Throw the motor, wheels, tires and body back on

And here is a small video too

I'm decided to keep the motor mounted like it was in the E-Maxx. This keep more weight over the front of the truck and no wheelies occur. I have not had the ESC fan kick on during operation and I'm running 6S. This is a really simple conversion and I could see Traxxas potentially releasing this, but I don't think they will. At high speed the truck can be a little unstable, but it does handle well, especially in nice soft dirt. Enjoy!