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    Question to convert or just buy

    hi there every body i have a summit and was woundering is it better to convert it or buy a e revo

    at my lhs a brushed e revo is about $650 but was looking online for parts to convert and its about $400 to convert still needing paint(what i mean by convert is turn full e revo) so in the long run will the extra 200 or so be better or just go the cheap way

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    $400 to convert, where did that figure come from?

    To convert a summit to a brushed erevo I'd say it's much less, or should be:

    wheels & tyres = $40-80
    shell = $30-40
    rockers = $5
    springs = $5-10

    bulks = $15-20 for front & rear
    diffs = $25-40 each

    $120-200 tops I figure.

    And that should be it- just leave the diffs unlocked & remove the extra electronics you wont be using, or grab some erevo bulks and diffs; you can resell all the parts you remove to cover most of the conversion cost- more so if you buy used parts.
    Leave the tranny in second gear or grab the few parts you need to make it single speed again; no need to swap out the motor really, the 775 does even better in a lighter eight truck.

    Heck, an erevo roller in great condition + spares/ upgrades is only ~$200-300 on ebay, no need to buy a new truck if you are trying to save money or justify the expense...
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    i figurd it out this way
    same as you but no
    but add
    wing mount
    front an rear bumper/mount $20 i guess
    trans seals
    singal speed gears
    so around $300 plus 14% tax and trusty canadian lhs pricing

    what i mean buy converting is making it a compleate e revo down to the last part
    and never thought of the roller but then to run it take the summits electronics or another 300 or so for the esc ect...

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    If you look online you could get a brand new erevo for about $450 or you could get the brushless for $600-700. Of you were considering spending $650 for a brushed just buy the brushless and save the summit for the snow in the winter.

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