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    Summit 1/10 batteries

    can someone tell me what batteries are the best to run in my stock traxxas summit. i have the traxxas 6c 3000Mah and was planning on getting a 7c but didnt know what brand to go with or if i should go with Lipo?

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    I'll be the nice one to welcome you to the site and congratulate you on the summit (first of all)!! I will also nicely (cuz this wont come often from other members) politely ask you to familiarize yourself with the search feature...VERY helpful!

    And to help you out: There is no "BEST" battery, "best" is all a matter of opinion. it depends what you want to get out of the battery...longer run times or power/speed.

    So, please do a quick search of the summit forums for battery suggestions/experiences, visit the SUMMIT (and EREVO) FAQ for great info on batts here: and read through this thread as it will highlight which batteries people have used and how they fit inside the batt compartments:

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