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    Puttin a mamba in the summit

    For some silly reasons that I don't care to go into, my tekin fell through, and i've got a mmp and 2200kv castle motor coming in. Figured it'd not be a terrible idea to go w/ the castle as that's what my erbe will come with, why not match, right? Either way.

    Since I did this quite compulsively and without any thought, is there anything special I should order to be able to mount this deal securely in my Summit?

    I only want about another 5-10 mph out of the thing, maybe I should just get a dewalt! Either way, tips appreciated. (I know, you all haev already helped me so much. Thanks for that too.)

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    If you got the mamba max pro(MMP) it should only be run on 4s in the summit, which should be doable because the savage flux 2350 come with this esc. The nice thing about the MMP is it can run sensored motors but the the mamba max monster(MMM) might be better suited if you plan to run anything more than 4s but can't run sensored motors. The dewalt motor is a nice upgrade over stock it isn't necessarily any faster but has more torque and could be geared a little higher than stock.

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    The only thing you will need to mount it up are the screws for mounting a velineon motor. Other than that it will drop right in
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