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    Rockers and height question

    Got a used 16th setup recently (Summit, but swapped to merv suspension) it has all rpm arms, and some aluminum rockers (assumed merv) .... I'm noticing the rear sits lower than the front, and the rear rockers are shorter than the fronts.... I want height for off-road, but not so much that it rolls over easily...
    My question is this: can any 1/16 Traxxas rocker be used with standard merv suspension? (how about slash suspension?)... Including front to back swaps, Summit, and progressive options? .... Meaning, can I just swap the two sets and get a higher rear and a lower front? For the long run, Can I play around and mix and match for best height/progression? Or is there problems with certain ones in certain spots? (rods binding?)

    I would just play around, but have no time, just want to know my options before planning the build. (also to know what to be buying)

    Also am I correct that height goes in this order?

    Merv (progressive 2?)
    Summit/grave digger

    IF front to back IS swappable, can someone redo this height list including that?

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    I raise or lower my merv using only the adjustable tie rods! If you have the stock ones get ones special in steel or titanium. Not alluminum, they bend... the Traxxas alloy ones are ok but are not so adjustable!

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    OK... That's actually a great suggestion, and I'll look into those rather than stock... But im also doing a build with no complete set of rockers, and no real idea what went with what... I have various rockers.. Short, progressive 2, a couple long ones.. And the aluminum set (which is a short and mid length)... And I plan to look into buying some, but want to know what I need so I don't buy extras if I already have them.

    I should say... My biggest question is whether front and rear are swappable..... for different height/progression options, or if I really need to stick with fronts on the front and rears on the rear.
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    The parts by themselves are swappable between fronts and rears. However, I'm not sure if using the long rockers on the back will bind against the a-arms or axles.
    If you have the long rockers with you and you have the stock rods, you should just try them on the rear and check if there's enough clearance.

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