To start things off, yes I did search and I've been reading over the past few months about Lipos and Lipo chargers but I still can't make up my mind. I currently have 3 of the stock Traxxas Power Cell batteries. I can take my Merv VXL to the park with all 3 of those and can barely make it halfway around. I can take my 1/10 scale Stampede with 2 7-cell batteries (4,200mah) and make it all the way around with juice to spare. So naturally, I wanted some batteries for my Merv with a much higher Mah rating. After shopping around, the highest capacity Nimh I can find for the Merv is only 1,600 Mah. So now I'm really considering the jump to Lipo but everything just seems so expensive since I'll have to buy a new charger and I'll need the Lipo batteries. I know generally in this hobby, you get what you pay for but this charger has caught my eye. It's the Venom Easy Balance Lipo Charger. It's not fancy. It can handle 2-4cells and has a built in balancer but it is only 40 watts. However, I can't find any reviews or user feedback on it. Does anyone here have any experience with it? I only plan on using 2s Lipos because I'm fairly happy with my current speed but a little more would be nice. I also notice that SPC and Venom are the most recommended batteries. I'm also assuming that a 2s Lipo should be interchangeable between my 1/10 Stampede VXL and my Merv VXL as long as they can physically fit in both trucks, right? Thanks in advance for your help!