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    Powerhouse - The Villain going bad!

    Hi everyone.
    Anyone into RC has obvious a startingpoint of their more seroius approach, and mine started at drifting with RC-cars. I always choosed a slightly diffrent drift-body than everyone else and I just love stationwagons. And so of course I needed a boat to drag around with the same color-scheme.

    After modding a bit on that boat I came across an ad with an stock Villain IV where all electronics were fried according to ad.
    The only thing wrong with the boat was actually the reciver and I went 2.4GHz anyway so it didnīt matter.
    I ran the boat with the stock ESC XL-1 and stock motors a few times and got bored.
    The I found "theshreves" project and got inspired so I located a used Novak Superduty XP and hooked up 2 Orion Method R V2 17t and BOY did the boat fly with 8.4v.
    I ran it one seasong like this and NEVER had any issues with it. Not until I discovered something called brushless

    Having run my slash on an EZRun-system with 8.5t (4000kv) I recon that with the gearing-possibilities in a Villian, this would be a good way to I placed an order on thoses with new ESC:s from seaking (same company)

    Onced I installed it to the boat, second on my mind was to make it look better as well. So I ordered the trim-details and also new octura 447 to replace the plastic ones.

    The first run turned out as a disaster! One motormount was not tightened and then on the second motor the u-joint broke. So first testdrive lasted 15 seconds.

    The second run was not that impressive either, two cables on the righthand motor was not fixed so it came loose.

    Third-time everything worked out really great, and friend of mine took som snapshots during the drive as well.

    During that run I noticed some improvements that I need to have done before boosting performance any further. The boat is very "nervous" while turning, but it turns very well

    I trimed down the motors angle and that helped out a lot but if I turned to fiercly while driving, it would still flip

    After that I got stuck with it, running it a few times but didnīt have the spark of it until I went to the annual boat-show in Gothenburg, Sweden that is held once a year.

    I needed to do something drastic to get hooked again, with the Traxxas spartan comming and all.
    So i decided to repaint the hull overall since most of the trims were ruined anyway

    Most of the electronics and mechanical out

    Trying to get inspiration...

    Not that beautiful

    How will this end up?

    The paint was not what I expected but it turned out ok anyway...Still the same electronics, just added some turnfines that were 45 mm...the boat "dug" thru the water so I have shortened them a bit and will try to see if it improved it a bit. Otherwise I will remove them and try my second solution of adding 1 turnfine in the mid-section of the boat.

    Here are some crappy pics of it in the maiden voyage as a newly painted boat

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    Powerhouse Sweden
    Villain IV with Octura 447

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