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    Lightbulb Nitro 1/8th Scale Buggy??

    I was reading the latest edition of R/C Car action and they had an article on a custom made Traxxas 1/8th scale electric buggy and it got me thinking...........Will Traxxas ever come out with a 1/8 scale nitro buggy??? Ive been wanting to get a buggy for a while now and Traxxas is my #1 company of choice. I was just wondering what everyone else thinks and if it will ever happen?! Fill me in on your thoughts.

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    i dont know if they will but they should. the electric rusty and bandit chassis are the same so they could do that with nitro rustler and bandit
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    no, you have a market cornered by high r&d race brands.

    also to build a 1/8th buggy you dont base it on a 1/10th 2wd chassis. thats just stuuuuupppiiiddddddd
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