I have had my brushed erevo for a while now and ive messed around with oils, pinions, motors etc. and i really found a setup thats really fun that i really enjoy. its definitely not one for the speed runs, but it still flies, soaks up jumps, and runs great offroad with the ride height. I know it seems alot like a summit, but ive seen a summit and with this i get summit features with e-revo type speed. it sounds like stiff suspension, but i honestly get 1/3 sag at rest. I get really good wheelies and then nice straightway speed. just thought it might help others who tinker.

- Titan 775
- Pink and Purple springs
- About 1/4 preload on both
- 80wt oil in rear, 60 wt oil in front
- Max steering stop installed
- Pushrods on the inner most hole
- Tekno sway bars
- Wheelie bar
- Stock everything else