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    How to add rechargable RX battery on tmaxx 3.3

    I just got my Tmaxx 3.3 and want to add a rechargable pack for the rx instead of the stock AA's.

    What do I need to buy? Looks like the stock unit is wired to the switch......

    Any ideas or pictures?


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    You will need a 5-cell hump pack battery to fit in the stock box, and a switch with the charge jack, and a charger. Some have a flat pack and zip tie it under the chassis. Some also just wire and solder a charge jack to the stock switch.
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    i bought a 5 hump pack. an adapter to fit the battery connector. I then cut that adapter and wired a set of ends just like the easy start battery. the hump sits in the stock battery box with the connectors from battery to the switch external of the box. when i need to charge I simple disconnect the battery and charge it in the box. I wish I had a picture cause that makes it sound complicated when its very simple.

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    This what i did: click on traxxas batteries, then traxxas nitro trucks..... item number 10556
    its a 2700mah nimh humppack
    I mounted mine to the front shock tower to help control wheelies putting weight up front
    It comes with a connector straight off the battery that is compatible with most chargers, and comes with a jumper lead that plugs into the rx at one end and the battery pack at the other so no swtich needed you can remove your old battery casing. You just use the plug between jumper lead and pack as your on off switch. Works great. One charge is well over 10 tanks of fuel, come to think of it i don't remember when i charged it last! Sorry im not good with computers or i would post a pic or a direct link....hope this helps

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    I'm in the process of making my own rechargeable pack for my truck. Ill post when I'm finish if your interested.

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    Just buy this and you don't need to cut anything. You can also charge you hump pack right in your truck. Works great and is cheap.
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