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    has anybody used this for liquid mask?

    i was doig some plumbing the other day and was using the blue rain or shine pvc glue,and as it dried on a peice of pvc it was looking rubbery. so i got home and tested a spot on a small peice of body material and let it dry. the brush that is attatched to the lid lets you lay a thick coat of this glue/mask on.i put one coat and i beleivethat it was enough. well i forgot about it for a week and found it today.. you can see thru it and when you peel it off it comes off fairly easy and no stretchy action. i will have pics and etc. of my next body i do. an 8oz. can is only $4 12oz. can $6. i think this is a good alternative to the 3 or 4 coats of the regular liquid mask.

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    I just use masking tape. ive never cared for the traditional liquid mask. Ive never tried pvc glue but i know its pretty toxic.
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