Hello guys, new member here. Im new in this rc business

What I would like to know, from the more experienced members, is what we can do to protect the servo from frying. I have a rally vxl (ken block edition) for 2 weeks now and I already burned one servo.

I have searched in this forum + the internet but I couldn’t find a complete guide for this

So far what I have gathered is

1) Keep the steering expo to around 50%
2) Do not over tighten the Pivot balls to make sure there is no binding with the knuckles, while turning the wheels
3) You can also achieve the above with reprogramming the steering end points
4) Do not over tighten the screw on the horn
5) Avoid big jumps and before it lands turn the wheels or press full throttle

Do you have any more suggestions? You can also provide some photos
Also any good aftermarket servos?
Did you need to modify sth and what?

Thanks in advance for your responses