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    Yo, first time posting here, long time into RCing.

    Just had some thoughts on Traxxas service?

    I just bought a Stampede and I believe I blew up the rear differential or fried the engine.

    It has power to the wheels for steering, but it does not have any movement with the throttle.

    Get back to me with thoughts, suggestions.


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    First thing is to try a ESC reset. After that we'll need more info to help you out like:

    -was the truck driven in water?
    -did you run the truck until it just stopped? Was the motor really hot if so or was the esc lights flashing?
    -do you hear grinding out of the rear end but most importantly does it feel like the wheels want to turn but something is preventing it?

    It's really hard for people to help out if you provide limited information like "hey, my truck has steering but no throttle.......what's wrong with it?". It reminds me of when someone calls an automotive shop and says "my car won't start, what's wrong with it".........really people?? Lol, no harm meant so don't take it that way but give us the whole scenario that lead to your current situation.

    Welcome aboard! Traxxas customer service is really good from what I hear. I've haven't had to deal with them yet so I can't say from first hand experience. That should tell you how good this truck has been to me.
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